Broadcast equipment

A&T TRADE offers to its clients – broadcasting, telecommunication and other companies – the full range of equipment for delivering TV, radio programs and data to consumers. Turnkey building of the different headends (DVB-T/T2, DVB-S/S2, DVB-C, IPTV, DTH, ОТТ), TV and radio stations, including studios, coding equipment, management and billing servers, receiving, transmitting, antenna-feeder equipment, etc.; mobile radio and TV studios; distribution networks for delivery of content and data (SDH, OTN etc.)



Headends are designed for receiving video from different sources, composing program packages, coding of TV streams and transmission.


FM Broadcast

FM is the most widespread method of broadcast.

A&T TRADE offers state-of-the-art systems with any configuration, with advanced telemetry functions, redundancy, combining, switching and radiating systems.

RVR group equipment is in the base of our offers for FM broadcast because of its high quality, functionality and reliability.

Depending on client’s requirements we can offer the optimal solution from both technical and financial points of view.


TV streams distribution networks

Depending on telecommunication infrastructure availability, lay of land  and other factors affecting the TV stream’s delivery environment, A&T TRADE offers the optimal solutions for arranging distribution networks using different brands.

Today the most popular protocol for this purpose is IP. As an environment for transmitting TV streams optic fibers or microwave relays can be used.


Satellite systems

Satellite systems are widely used as communication channels for video and TV streams’ operational transmission.

Usually TV streams received from satellites are TV source material, which are used for compiling TV programs for further distribution over terrestrial and cable networks.

The satellite systems can also be used for TV signal delivery to the consumers, when other telecommunication infrastructure isn’t available.


Mobile TV stations

A&T TRADE has a big experience of integration and supply of mobile TV stations (OB Vans, DSNGs, etc.). Mobile TV stations are fully autonomous mobile systems, allowing video filming / reporting at any unequipped location, processing and transmission of filmed materials directly from the event location to the editing center. It can be news reports, sports coverage, artistic performances, sensational events and other video materials. OB vans are often used for live broadcasting.


Contribution of the audio content, "live" journalists's reports and interviews from the event sites via 2G/3G/4G/LTE networks, using AETA codecs

A&T TRADE offers the solutions for high quality audio content contribution (concerts, shows) without usage of satelliste channels, via 4G/LTE, as well as for " live" journalists's reports and interviews from event sites via 2G/3G/4G. Presentation is here: PDF, PPTX.


Visual Radio Station AVRA

AVRA is the newest Radio automation software from Powercast with HD video playout capability (720p) and 6ch video mixing software with built-in CG & Graph Generator to add station logo, news crawls, weather info and custom legends. Includes H.264 video encoder (720p) with RTMP output for Flash/Wowza streaming server providers.