Continental Electronics Corporation

Continental Electronics Corporation's reputation as the world's most experienced designer, developer and manufacturer of high power broadcast equipment came from its many "firsts" in the industry. Continental Electronics is a major American manufacturer of broadcast and military radio transmitters, based in Dallas, Texas. Although Continental today is best known for its FM, shortwave, and military VLF transmitters, Continental is most significant historically for its line of mediumwave (AM) transmitters, many of which are still in active service as either main transmitters or backup facilities.

Most know that CEC is a manufacturer of AM and FM broadcast transmitters for commercial broadcasting. However, it may not be known to many that CEC throughout the years has designed, developed and built many high power products up to 2 MW for commercial applications. Most of the high power transmitters that the U.S. Navy uses to communicate with their fleet are made by CEC. Additionally, working with the U.S. Air Force CEC has manufactured HF transmitters for Over-The-Horizon (OTH) radar applications, high power S-Band transmitters for the U.S. Army Nuclear Effects Laboratory as well as other communications, radar and jammer transmitters

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