D&R Electronica

Audio, Broadcast




D&R Electronica, based in Weesp, is a leading hi-tech company worldwide specializing in the design and production of quality, made-to-measure audio mixing consoles for a variety of applications. In 1984, D&D launched the large in-line mixing concoles. D&R's package of products ranges from small discotheque mixers for high-end installations to large-scale film post-production mixers, with over a hundred inputs. Broadcast related products, such as the Webstation, Axum, Airmate-USB, Airence-USB, Airlab, Lyra, Hybrids (incl. GSM-Hybrids).




Airlite-USB Airmate-USB Airence-USB Airlab-DT Axum Lyra Radio Automation
Cobranet™ Hybrid-1 Hybrid-2 On-Air Light GSM-Hybrid Studio Remote PPM Ledbar SmartRig-2



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