Professional cameras

Broadcast HDTV Camera Technology from Hitachi Kokusai Electric

Broadcast Cameras und Professional Video made by Hitachi Kokusai Electric are Synonymous for Innovation and Ultimate Performance Hitachi has been one of the most significant Japanese companies in developing broadcast camera technology.

Hitachi Kokusai launched the first portable Professional Video Camera that could directly compete against studio-cameras in the early 90s - a technical revolution in its time. It is also responsible for the development of digital TRIAX-technology.

Today Hitachi is even more successful in developing and providing high-end Broadcast technology. We are committed to meeting the needs of our users today, while helping to forge a migration path for tomorrow. Studio productions, documentaries, sports or live-events, we offer sophisticated camera systems for a wide range of production techniques.

Having proven their reliability a thousand times, our broadcast cameras stand for quality and dependability due to the use of advanced chip technology. Brilliant image quality, simple handling and many user friendly functions will certainly live up to the users expectation.\


HDTV Portable Production Cameras

 SK-UHD4000 (4K Ultra HD)











 DK-H100    DK-Z50 


 KP-HD20A / KP-HD20A-S2



HDTV Broadcast Wireless System



Industrial Video Cameras of Hitachi Kokusai Electric

The Professional video cameras of Hitachi Kokusai Electric are utilized for many years and there is one of the world's widest ranges of industrial cameras for use in monitoring, industry, manufacturing and medicine. Hitachi offers the appropriate cameras for various fields of: CCD-enabled surveillance cameras, CCD cameras for the control of printing machines, miniature cameras for medicine device, microscopy cameras for the robot controller

3CCD Cameras
  GigE   CameraLink   IEEE 1394   HD   Analog RGB
  HV-F202GV 1/1.8" CCD
HV-F22GV 1/2" CCD
  HV-F202SCL 1/1.8" CCD
HV-F22CL-S8 1/2" CCD
HV-F22CL-S1 1/2" CCD
HV-F31CL-S1 1/3" CCD
  HV-F22F 1/2" CCD   DK-H100 2/3" CCD
DK-Z50 2/3" CCD
HV-HD201M 1/2" CCD
HV-HD33 1/3" CMOS
  HV-D27AP 1/2" CCD
HV-D30P-S4 1/3" CCD
  CCD Color Cameras
  GigE / PoE   Mini CameraLink / PoCL   HD   Analog Y/C    
  KP-FD500GV 2/3" CCD
KP-FD202GV 1/1.8" CCD
KP-FD140GV 1/2" CCD
KP-FD83GV 1/3" CCD
KP-FD33GV 1/3" CCD
  KP-FD500SCL 2/3" CCD
KP-FD202SCL 1/1.8" CCD
KP-FD140SCL 1/2" CCD
  KP-HD20A 1/3" CCD
KP-HD20A-S2 1/3" CCD
KP-HD1005-S4 1/2" CCD
  KP-D20BP-S3 1/2" CCD
KP-D20AP 1/3" CCD
KP-D5010P 1/2" HAD CCD
  CCD B&W Cameras
  GigE / PoE   Mini CameraLink / PoCL   Analog Video        
  KP-F500GV 2/3" CCD
KP-F202GV 1/1.8" CCD
KP-F145GV 2/3" CCD
KP-F140GV 1/2" CCD
KP-F83GV 1/3" CCD
KP-F33GV 1/3" CCD
  KP-F500WCL 2/3" CCD
KP-F230SCL 1/1.8" CCD
KP-F200SCL 1/1.8" CCD
KP-F80SCL 1/3" CCD
  KP-E500 1/2" EM-CCD
KP-M1AP/N 2/3" CCD
KP-M2AP/N 1/2" CCD
KP-M2RP 1/2" CCD
KP-M20P/N 1/2" CCD
KP-M3AP/N 1/3" CCD